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To drive or not to drive part 2.

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  • To drive or not to drive part 2.

    At this juncture it doesn't look like I'll be driving my car for quite a while. Should I disconnect the battery or just let my son drive it about once a month?
    peter lee

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    Probably not related to how much I drive it but I have a disconnect switch on my battery and disconnect the battery after each use. I do this for fire
    safety reasons more than anything else because its garage is connected to the my house and I don't trust 60 year old wiring.


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      Probably not related to how much I drive the old Hawk but I have a disconnect switch on the battery and I disconnect it after each use. My garage where it resides is connected to my house and I don't trust 60 year old wiring.


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        Ditto on the battery dis-connect. IMHO you should get your son to check fluid levels and tire pressures, then take it out for run for a half hour minimum on the streets. Then after disconnecting the battery, you could put it away for another several months without worry.
        Roger Hill

        60 Lark Vlll, hardtop, black/red, Power Kit, 3 spd. - "Juliette"
        61 Champ Deluxe, 6, black/red, o/d, long box. - "Jeri"
        Junior Wagon - "Junior"

        "In the end, dear undertaker,
        Ride me in a Studebaker"


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          For those of you that disconnect your batteries, are you running alternators? Or do you polarize your generators each time you take it out for a ride?


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            I have never had to polarize a generator when disconnecting a battery, even when left disconnected for years!
            Frank DuVal

            50 Commander 4 door


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              I concur with Frank. I have disconnect switches on all of my collector cars and I open the switch each time I return home from a drive. Fire safety, no battery drain, and theft prevention.
              Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
              '53 Commander Starliner (Finally running and driving, but still in process)
              '56 Golden Hawk (3 speed/overdrive, Power steering - Running, but not yet driving)
              '62 GT Hawk (4 speed, A/C, Power steering - running and DRIVING!)


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                Agree to all - the Battery Tender Jr on my previous 6-volt Studebaker and Willys kept things top notch when not driving regularly. Never heard of needing you re-polarize a generator - so I’m glad I never did!

                My current ‘62 Champ has a battery disconnect on its 12V system and has been up on jack stands to keep the bias ww’s and suspension in a state of relaxation.


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                  Just as an aside, I hooked up one of those Harbor Freight Solar chargers ($14 or so) on our fully charged and disconnected boat battery. Covered the boat 2 years ago, sat outside, and never used it. Uncovered it 2 days ago and put the multimeter on the battery...13.6 volts!!!