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The Lark Has Landed! ( Many Pictures)

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  • The Lark Has Landed! ( Many Pictures)

    As promised, here are some pictures of Tracy's $137.25 Lark. We just arrived home with him today (Yes, the car is a "him." Don't ask us how we know...) We can't open the doors all the way since the car is still on the trailer, but here is what we are looking at today. We were asked what our first impressions of the Lark were. John's was "How the heck am I going to get this thing on the trailer?" Tracy's was "Oh, look at the cute little moss gardens along the trim!" Okay, so we're both a little afraid that maybe we are getting in over our heads, but we are honestly very excited to start our new project and Tracy has completely fallen for our new addition. She was especially excited to find a bonus hubcap inside the car (and more than a bit embarrassed that John happened to be taking pictures when she found it!) We are looking forward to seeing what else we unearth as we start cleaning out the car. We have been unable to open the trunk, as we have no key, but a peek behind the rear seat shows that there is something there wrapped in a blue tarp. Seriously, we don't make this stuff up.

    As always, we welcome your honest opinions and comments. After all, that's one of the reasons we are here! There will also be more pictures of the trip posted on our blog.

    Arriving at home...the family came out to check out the car (we did not get a picture of the look of sheer horror on our neighbors' faces!)

    John and Tracy Smith
    Queen Creek Arizona

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    Tracy if I had known you like the little hub caps I would have given you a box full most of the time I just put them in the junk pile, for some reason the little blue lark looks better sitting on your street than in my yard , good luck and have fun it was nice meeting both of you .....Bob
    Castro Valley,


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      Looks great you two! I quit worrying about the neighbors long ago. [8D] Push button radio.. I'll trade'ya a correct working one that says Studebaker on it. Cheapest radio option that year but it works! Good luck. Worth every cent. [^][^]


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        That was a great find, I look forward to seeing the progress

        ps love the desert landscape

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          You guys got a great deal! It would cost more than that for just a rear fender, & its in pretty good shape. The rusted l/f floor looks like a fairly easy fix. The rust didnt go into the hinge posts from what I can see in the pictures. You even have the optional partial flow oil filter! Here's a question for the forum on the oil filter. Which position is correct or does it matter where the filter is mounted, on the left or right side? My 60 didnt have one when i bought it. (it has a 63 engine, but I changed valve covers, painted the engine silver & got a partial flow assembly on e-bay (although only the return line is connected for looks only) & its mounted on the drivers side of the oil fill pipe.

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            What a great Price on the Lark. Boy are you guys gonna have fun.

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              She is a real trooper jumping into that of luck

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                LOVE that car... but don't ask me, I'm the resident Lark fanatic[8D]

                You might want to pick up these floor pans. I got a set, and they're pretty close to original- better than hand-made, cheaper than full pans; well worth the money for the time saved alone (IMO):


                This seller makes many different panels, and are on eBay constantly; so if you miss this listing, just click on "see seller's other items" or contavt them directly.

                Have fun with the ol' soldier! What a great thing that Bob let those cars out to folks for nothing so they could be saved[^] A great Stude guy! Have fun!

                Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
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                  I've bought from BobP (and his brother) in the past, and it's always been a pleasant experience.

                  Speaking of that eBay floor pan: I bought the left front, decided not to use it. If you want it you can have it cheap ($40?)

                  I'll even deliver it so I can compare your new 60 Lark to the one I dragged home from CA a few months back.

                  And if you need a pair of painted headlight rings I can give you those as freebies.

                  Oh yeah, I'm in Phoenix too, so that won't be very hard.
                  We haven't met yet, but I'm in the club.
                  What part of QC are you in? I have a friend over by the Will Rogers Equestrian Park . . .

                  Reviving an early Lark
                  JohnP, driving & reviving
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                    whoo hoo! its home. Nothing a good bath, face mask, and elbow grease can't handle.
                    Heck, could you have found better....sure....BUT FOR THE PRICE, you can't beat it the trunk lid and few other items are worth that alone.

                    Don't get overwhelmed by the floor rust I had much worse, drove it that way with pop rivited sheet metal covering the hole for years, (my CASO way of doing things in the past) plus pretty common for all of us Lark lovers to deal with.

                    I'm sure getting it to GO and whoa will be the priority after a good clean up. Little steps, just like the truck and you'll knock it out in no time.

                    Glad you've found another to add to the flock, and judging from all the intrest in your project you'll have it up and running in no time with the help available here.

                    I still have a couple pay it forward receipts I need to fill so let me and others know what you need/want.

                    Forgot to add, since you have no trunk key's and are both good at crawling into the car, remove the back seat and you can access the trunk area there, the latch mechanism has a (testing my memory) lever you can pull down and release the trunk, if rusted or tight just unbolt all the bolts on the trunk lid itself and trunk will pop up.
                    Here ya go, as you crawl through the back seat undo these two bolts and the trunk will pop right up.

                    Here's the lever I remember, but you can't see it or access it until the whole assembly is removed. sorry

                    61 Lark



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                      When you two first got on the forum, I thought that you were really nice people. Now I know you are thieves, $137?!! You should've opened the hood on the way home to clean out those leaves.

                      All these car buys sure do make me wish I had every Studebaker my family has ever owned.....

                      '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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                        Neat little car!

                        I wouldn't be surprised if you could get it running in an afternoon or so.

                        Love those '60 dog dish hubcaps. I used them on my '63...

                        Dick Steinkamp
                        Bellingham, WA


                        Dick Steinkamp
                        Bellingham, WA


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                          What a beautiful neighborhood!!!

                          Patina is getting very popular, especially if its "original paint"
                          You do what you want, of course, but if it were mine, for the time being anyway, I'd focus on cleaning it up and getting it running.
                          New tires, brakes, etc and drive it just the way it is!

                          Good luck and have fun. These are The Good Old Days!!!


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                            Well, hopefully the item wrapped up in the trunk is a treasure. I used to have a '62 which had a broken lock in the back. The previous owner had a 'Hey Rube!' lock release rigged through the back seat. It was a wire that was attached to the lock mechanism and a short rope that came out the side of the back seat. One pulled on the rope, and up came the trunk lid! I got a laugh out of it every time I released it. Miss 'ol Sweetie a lot...

                            I noticed that you're missing an air cleaner for the carb. If it doesn't turn up in the trunk, let me know. I have an extra or two around here. You're welcome to it for shipping.

                            Well, I can't think of a nicer couple to lose a super little car to! Keep us posted as to the progress on both the truck and 'ol Blue.

                            Home of the famous Mr. Ed!
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                            Ron Smith
                            Where the heck is Lewiston, CA?
                            Home of the famous Mr. Ed!
                            K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
                            Ron Smith
                            Where the heck is Fawn Lodge, CA?


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                              That is one sweet project! Is that radio a original "wonderbar" radio?

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