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My Studebaker is no longer sick!

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  • My Studebaker is no longer sick!

    Well, everyone, I got some good news for you all! I managed to go ahead and get the original radiator repaired and back in the car. That's right! REPAIRED! She's got a clean bill of health now and I've even managed to determine the cause of it. As it turns out, the original inlet valve hose clogged up with a calcium-like material. This allowed pressure to build in the top tank, and combined with our characteristically hot weather here in Florida, it acted like a pressure cooker. There was no salvaging the original hose, so a rubber one had to be fitted instead, but I consider this to be no big loss. It could have easily been a lot worse.

    This means that I can support my mom's small business on deliveries now. Imagine the looks on her customer's faces! It'll be just grand!
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    That is the outcome I like to here! Keep driving.


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      It sounds like you must be talking about the Overflow Tube, it's small and COULD Clog, though I have never heard of that happening.
      It is an Outlet though not an Inlet.

      That's Good News, a small repair should be around $50.00 not Large one like $500.00
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        You're talking about the little tube affixed to the radiator collar, right? As Rich said, this is an overflow tube. This one can't make your engine running hot. It is only there to get the expanded water on the ground WHEN the engine gets hot. You should keep an eye on your radiator and avoid overfilling it. An inch of water above the radiator tubes is enough. Also, under a hot climate like yours, an overflow tank might be a good idea.
        Nice day to all.


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          I'm very pleased! Keep your questions and comments coming. I for one am looking forward to seeing where you are able to take your love for Studebakers old cars generally. This network can save you from making some of the hundreds of mistakes I made when I was your age, but only you can plot your own course.