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'54 Studebaker Sedan Spring Startup

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  • '54 Studebaker Sedan Spring Startup

    I normally don't do 'cold start' or 'drive-along' videos, but wanted to get a few quick videos out there to get back into the groove of processing and publishing them. YouTube has changed several things since the last video we did, so this was a good chance to learn (again).

    Got the '54 sedan uncovered, started up, and took it for a drive yesterday and took some video of it. Enjoy! Oh, by the way, if you want to get notified of new videos, hit the 'Subscribe' button on ourYouTube channel.

    Winston-Salem, NC
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    Great video Paul. The chapter president of the club I belonged to in Texas did about the same thing. Took a very nice original Champion 53 four door and installed a 289 /3 sp/OD / AC and then drove it all over the country to National meets and the like.


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      That is a mighty nice sedan!!! When at first I saw the "S" on the hood & then the V8 under the same hood I thought "Ah, nice to see one more Champion V8 sedan, not many of those..." as I have a V8 sign on Josephine's trunk handle with "Champion" script. Just have to share...

      Champion V8
      4d sedan