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  • Help with Anodizing

    Looking for experiences and recommendations for anodizing. I need to refurbish the aluminum inlay on my 58 J Body Hard Top. It was originally gold but has faded and I would like to bring it back to as close to original as possible. Note this is aluminum material and not mylar like on the Hawk. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    My thoughts as a ship person would be that you take contact with some alu boat builder (maby google?) & ask them.

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      Try They're in your backyard. You'll need a sample of the color if you want it to look like OEM or match any other parts on the car. If you just want something close and maybe do all the other parts at the same time, you might be able to save paying to drain the tank and put in a new batch of dye. To get a bright finish, have the parts polished down to bare aluminum first. Anodize is not simply a coating like paint that can cover up a multitude of sins or relatively easy to mix or blend colors either. Time in the tank is critical. Be prepared for sticker shock.