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  • Studebaker related South Bend story

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    Not sure if l'm just an "old softy", but like many of us here, l've been to South Bend for Studebaker meets, parts procurement, and Studebaker landmark exploration more times than l can remember - and over 30+ years - with the whole family and without.

    l'd be very pleased to see the city prosper and be innovative in it's successful problem solving.

    Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

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      All I can say is that Documentary is a VERY Different kind of Video, however it COULD have had a lot less about Mayor Pete, that was a bit overwhelming.
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        I'm not absolutely certain, my perception is accurate? But, to me it seems that a majority of the commentary, was from a LGBTQ perspective. Is that really an accurate representation, of the South Bend population, as a whole? Or, isn't my perception, a valid one?
        There was a significant degree of Studebaker references. Mostly about the devastation that was caused by the Studebaker shutdown. And I know the devastation I felt, as a 4 year old child. When, I heard, the manufacturer, of the cars, I aspired to own, when I was old enough to drive. Had ceased US production of the automobiles, that I dreamed of, some day, participating in!


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          I read the review thus the movie is bookmarked as a "git 'roundtuit" sometime in the future.

          Surface analysis indicates perhaps a little too political...


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            I just watched it. I grew up in South Bend and moved away as soon as I could; I left
            for college in Florida in 2001 jn Tampa. I have been gone for too long but think the criticism of the Mayor was a bit much. I hated South Bend growing up. But today it’s come a long way. It’s not the place I grew up and the changes have made it a far nicer place to live. I think if I was a senior now, I could envision moving back after
            college and pursuing opportunities that didn’t exist 15 years ago. I actually think the criticism directed towards the mayor in the video was short sighted because he made it a far nicer place to live. Perfect? No. But who is?


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              I was born to the south in Indy so I feel I have a connection to Indiana in general. Having never been to South Bend, however, I found the stories told by the people there very interesting and enlightening. The mix of people who grew up there along with the newcomers, and the difference in their perspectives of the city was intriguing. My take away was that a good deal of the new energy there was coming from the newcomers, but it was also reviving the appreciation by the native SBers. As a Studebaker enthusiast I kind of wish they had touched on the fact that there is still a good deal of Studebaker history in the city and how that might insinuate itself into the resurgent fabric of South Bend.
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