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  • Disney Prop Culture - National Museum

    Last night my wife were thumbing through the shows on the new Disney + channel. Listed was a new series called Disney Prop Culture. It is about a guy that tries and collects props from different Disney movies over the years. The first episode was all about Mary Poppins, but one of the others was about the original Muppet Movie. The show went to the Studebaker National Museum and showed the original Muppet car (51 Studebaker). The segment was not very long but background shots showed some of the other Cars stored in the basement.

    i was glad to see even a small reference to the car and especially to the museum.

    the channel, if you would is not on cable or regular TV but only if you have subscribed to Disney Plus via the internet or one of the internet based was of watching tv, like Firetv or Roku etc.


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    Thanks for posting. I have a copy of the movie, and I've seen the car at the museum, but it would be nice to see the show. My daughter has a subscription to Disney +. When she's here this weekend I'll see if we can watch it.

    Would you happen to know which episode?
    Mark L


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      So far there are only 5 episodes. Each one for a different movie. So look for the Muppet Movie episode. As I recall it is near the middle of the 30 minute show.