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1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk owner needs help!!

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  • 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk owner needs help!!

    Over 25 years ago, my father and I purchased 57H-K7 2190 in perfect, original condition. At that time she only had 22K on the odometer and other then a respray of the Tiara Gold (Artic White Coves were untouched) and the addition of electric fuel pump, radial wide whites she is bone stock original including the interior. We have been members of SDC since I can remember and would show our cars (I had a '82 Avanti II -cover car of Turning Wheels) together at local gatherings. Unfortunately, Dad passed away 10 years ago but I still have the GH, since it reminds me him when I sit in the front seat. Fast forward to 8 months ago, when the landlord of my warehouse where I keep my car collection decided to have the building roofs resurfaced. Unfortunately, when the roofing contractor had removed most of the roofs membrane, a thunderstorm hit and I saw my collector cars, including the GH drenched in toxic, disgusting roof water. The roofer took full responsibility and their insurance carrier is taking care of the claims. So far, my '93 Corvette 40th Anniversary Conv. was declared a total loss and my '70 Ford Mustang Conv. Cobra Jet (1 of 15) was given a new interior and paint correction. Both cars had their tops down during the deluge and unfortunately the Studebaker GH took the brunt of most of the water damage, since the windows were all open and hood was up. The insurance adjuster has visited the warehouse, and being a car guy he knows the value of originality. Further, I did my best to mitigate the damages. So this is where I need the help of the SDC forum, since I don't know who to contact on the GH to get it back to it's former glory. As I stated, the car was the poster car of originality and I want to keep it that way. At this point, mold has taken it's toll on the stainless, the incredible white and black original interior is now an awful shade of yellow while the original engine compartment is covered in mold as well. The engine turns but does not start although the radio still works, but I need a Studebaker Advocate to come out and give me an estimate to present to the insurance adjuster. Once I have a settlement check, I intend to use the funds for the preservation. The Corvette and Mustang was not a problem, but finding someone in the area that is familiar with Studebaker Golden Hawks and preserving this 28K mile gems originality has been a nightmare. The original papers, including owners manual and build sheet were safe in my home so that's a silver lining in this cloud I can post pic's at a later time, but this matter has really taken it's toll on me, since my business offices are also in the warehouse as well. I am so sorry to vent my woe's especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and I am grateful that my family and are safe and healthy. With that said, can someone on the SDC forum provide suggestions on how to proceed. You can either PM me, post under this topic or email me at Everyone, please stay safe and I look forward to your assistance.

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    Sorry to learn of the loss of this low-miles original car. The most difficult part for you to accept is when restored perfectly, it will no longer be a "survivor." Maybe those who have opinions on such things can give you an estimate of the difference in market value of a survivor and a restored car. On a Studebaker, is there as much difference in value as there are on some BrandX?

    As to the cost of the restoration, just a WAG on restoring a sound, complete car, no rust repair required, would from a low of $25,000 to an eastern seaboard high of $50,000.

    What say our friends here?

    jack vines

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      Very sorry to hear of your predicament Mark.

      One thing that MAY matter at some point, but may not be a Big Deal right now, is that this Golden Hawk should be, and hopefully IS Titled by it's Correct SERIAL Number.

      57H-K7 is merely the Body Type and 2190 is just the 2190th '57 Golden Hawk BODY off of the BODY Line, and means very little.
      The correct Serial Number (used nowadays as a "VIN #") is on the Left Door Post.
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        I see the cost of having it restored as exceeding its before damage value. I would use a number 2 book value and have the insurance company pay you that amount if you can keep the car (or buy it back at salvage price). You can get an as-new interior kit from Southeast Studebaker LLC. The rest sounds like mostly cleaning and repainting.

        The number that you posted is the body number (doesn't mean much). The Serial Number is on the A-pillar and on the production order. Some states used the engine number as an ID in those days (my '57 GH was PS3000).

        EDIT: I was "typing" when Rich also posted about the number.
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          What a heartbreaking story during these already trying times. I too am in the final stages of restoring my '57 Packard Clipper Wagon (Also supercharged) and although mine wasn't in the pristine original condition as yours, I feel for your loss. There are several restoration experts on here who I am sure will be able to return your Golden Hawk to its original glory.
          I wish you the best of luck.


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            Call Dave @ USA Appraisal. You will find none better, and as a plus any insurance company will take his word as gold. He is in Great Falls Va. so he is very close to you. But, if you truly want the best, you can't cheap out
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              I totally understand how you feel. My 64R2 was a perfectly restored car with low miles . Hurricane Sandy did a number even though my garage is 12 feet above sea level. Fast forward, the insurance company paid without question short of $20k to bring her back to pre storm conditions.
              Good luck, stay positive and do your research carefully and document, document, document.


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                Hi Mark,

                I'd suggest you telephone and speak with Horsepower Enterprises LLC, who have restored many Studebaker Hawks. I appreciate they're based in Pennsylvania, but I think they'd probably be able to give a more accurate ballpark guide (from $a - $b), depending on the detailed works description you'd be able to provide. As stated here already, Rene and Bonita Hager at Southeast Studebaker could work you up a new interior and I hear they have capacity at present (could be in your favor). Again, worth giving Rene a call (Tel: 865 525 6151) and their website is

                Here's a link to one of many videos of Horsepower Enterprises' work on youtube (56 Golden Hawk)

                I've also attached a few photos of the interior that Rene and Bonita did for my 56 Golden Hawk and think you'd be very happy with their work.

                Hope some the above will help with previous comments and suggestions offered.

                Wishing you good luck and think you should be able to save the car before further damage takes root.
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                  Thanks for the post, unfortuntely, the link did not work although the pic's of your '56 GH look awesome. BTW, please respond to this thread.