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Professional appraisal a bit off IMO

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  • Professional appraisal a bit off IMO

    Saw this ad. Note the appraised value from last month ($47,500).

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    Professional appraisals always seem to be much higher than the market will bear. Maybe because the appraiser is being paid to make the customer happy.

    Also, maybe the appraiser is thinking about Fords or Chevrolets and their market prices.

    Why would a Duluth Minnesota car be listed on a Phoenix ad? It's the reverse of what many folks want. Most folks in the rust belt want a car from the south or west where it is dry.
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      I'm from Duluth, MN & I'd never buy a car from Duluth. Many of the cars on the road back there can't even cast a shadow due to the rust worm.
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        If someone is interested, let me know because I have a brother who still lives there and this would give him something to do, which he desperately needs right now. No costs involved, he would just check it out.
        "Every man I meet on the street is superior to me in some respect, and from that I can learn."
        R.W. Emerson


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          Not many pictures and the interior pic shows the driver's seat, the most important one, covered up.
          I wonder where the price came from, let alone the appraisal.
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            What would you give for it if it were a car you wanted? It's a car I would consider at about $19,500, but then I am not really in the market.
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              I see the picture is from 2015.


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                Reduced from $49,500.00 to $29,750.00 tells you SOMETHING about that "Professional" appraisal!
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                  No question that the alleged appraisal is completely unrealistic.

                  When I do an appraisal, like anyone else would I have a process as to how I arrive at the figure. And if anybody wants to question it, I can easily show them how I did so. If one was seriously interested in the car, it should be a simple matter to ask to actually see the appraisal and find out who did it, so that you could ask them questions. I note that there is no written appraisal shown; just a claim that an appraisal was done. That is kind of telling to me.

                  it reminds me of the old joke about the diner with the billboard covering the entire side of the building reading, ‘voted best burger in the tri-state area’. When pressed as to what contest garnered them this award, the owner smiled and said, my wife and I were the ones who voted it the best :-)
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                    Go on this cruise and check out this $6000.00 vehicle


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                      Having owned 2 48 Commanders (2 door sedan and LandCruiser) The cars were okay, but if I did have to go on the interstate, the sturdy Commander Six would start to work hard after 60-65. Yes I could go higher but didn't feel comfortable. The buggy (planar) suspension did not have the ride quality that I was used to in the later cars. I have heard that the pre war suspension was superior, but I have not owned or driven a pre war car.

                      That said, the early post war cars have fallen off the scope of the 50-51 cars and the 53-64 C&K cars and of course the Avanti's . IMHO if I wanted a car like that, (which I don't)I would think that 10-12K would be a more that reasonable price. Never having judged, I am sure that a judge would go over that car and find things that are wrong. I think that owner/dealer will have to understand that they have a good strong grip on the steering wheel. There are two Craigslist ads one showing Gilbert AZ as the location and the other in Duluth.

                      Bob Miles


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                        I have some general questions about "Certified Appraisers," I realize by what I've read that a Certifies Appraiser is not just a figurative term. To become a CA someone has to go through a training process authorized by the CAGA.
                        How many auto appraisers have chosen to go the route or do they just wing it?
                        Does dealing with a CA actually mean anything and does it help in getting a creditable appraisal?

                        The two times I have had to rely on an appraisal on my cars, I was ultimately asked what I thought my cars were worth. I honestly think that my considered opinion factored into my cars' value. So what was I paying for, the CA stamp of approval on my own valuation? To be honest whether it's cars, real estate, or whatever, it seems like the appraiser is more of a third party mediator between to sides, IE buyer and seller, litigants in a divorce proceedings etc. and has some legal standing in a court proceeding. I must be missing something?


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                          Sounds like it was appraised for taxes.
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                            Originally posted by Hallabutt View Post
                            So what was I paying for, the CA stamp of approval on my own valuation?
                            It's called "borrowing your watch and telling you what time it is".

                            Dick Steinkamp
                            Bellingham, WA


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                              Wish it had been that simple. To be frank it was a divorce proceeding, both multiple pieces of real estate and a bunch of cars were at stake.


                              I agree, but it's kind of like you know your watch works, but someone asks you what time it is, and you tell them. They don't believe you so they feel the need to ask someone else.