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headlight switch and ignition switch

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  • headlight switch and ignition switch

    Hi, hoping someone knows what the connectors on the back of the headlight switch control, mine has no identifying marks on it, its on a 1961 Studebaker Hawk, I bought the car and someone had cut off a lot of the wires, the car came with a new complete wiring harness and fuse panel but its for a chevy, so far i figured out almost all the wiring except the 2 switches, on the ignition switch do 2 wires connect to the battery terminal, I dont want to connect the battery and burn something out after 2 weeks work, thanks Jax

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    One of the FIRST things someone trying to help will need to know is: did the former owner or someone try to convert the Hawk to a Alternator, or does it still have it's Original Delco Remy Generator and Voltage Regulator?

    The Charge Circuit on Alternators is different then Genny's.

    This Car has an Ammeter, so that means all the Load must come OUT of one side and Power from the Batt. Terminal of the Solenoid must go THROUGH it. The Ammeter Powers the "Batt." Terminal of the Ignition Switch, and keyed Accessories come out of the "ACC" terminal, the ignition wire to the Coil comes out of the "IGN" Terminal, the Center Term. is the "Start" Term to the "S" small Term. of the Solenoid.

    Someone will find you a Term. I.D. Diagram to know which is which soon, I do not have the time right now to find it, sorry.

    The Headlight Switch Powers the Instrument Light Switch when in Parking (down) or Hd. Lt. (up), the Tail Lights also are ON in either Position. You can test it to figure it out with a 9 Volt Batt. and a 12 Volt Instrument Light Bulb #57 or a test Light.
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      thanks for responding, it is a 307 motor think from early 70,s and it has an alternator that gives too much charging for the ammeter so i swapped that for a voltmeter guage and wired that as recommended, i will try the test light to figure out the Headlight switch, thanks again