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  • Mystery engine!

    I have been trying to identify an engine that came with my 1950 willys M38. I have narrowed it down to what I think is a Studebaker 170 but not sure on what year and thats all I can find. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to get parts.

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    It is a Champion six. If I read the chart right, it's a '57 Champion 185, based on the serial number in the first pic. Champions were a popular swap into jeeps of that era, since the Jeep transmission would bolt up directly to the Champion bellhousing. Somebody here may be able to confirm if it is a 185 based on the block casting number. They raised the deck height a little on the 185 block, and it has much larger journals than the preceding 170 block.
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      Thank you, that helps so much.


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        Bet that works good.
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          Those "1"s stamped as "I"s are a giveaway!
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            Definitely a 185 block. Casting 533870 was used from 1955 to 1958. The block was cast in 1957. The serial number says it's a '58 engine.
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