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    I just checked Cornerstone's online database and there is NO STADUM listed. If he were an SDC Member he would be in there as that database is current. I can check another source I have and find a lot about him if he is an actual person later today. INHO SELLER BEWARE!!
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      Originally posted by rkapteyn View Post
      Is anyone familiar with Kelly Stadum from Gaffney South Carolina?
      They are ordering a substantial number of parts for a Studebaker Hawk and I can not find any info on this person.
      Please let me known if you have done business with this person before.

      It's for this reason, I only take US Postal Money Orders, International Postal Money Orders, or cash, up front. Absolutely no credit cards. Checks and paypal only if I know you. At least, 10 day hold on parts until the check clears both banks......

      Sounds like the classic scam to me. But, for Studebaker parts! That's a real blow................



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        Funny...only today have I realized that I originally misread "Kelly Stadum," as "Kelly Stadium". That explains my listing(in my first post) of the sports arenas in the town. But, if I get an opportunity, I will question my car collector friends in the area if they are aware of anyone restoring a Studebaker Hawk?
        John Clary
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          As to the "buyer" and the whole transaction, it does not pass the smell test. If something smells rotten, it usually is.

          Bob Miles


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            I agree with Grumpy. An option never talked about today is cash. This may seem extreme to some, but it's done every day. The use of Registed Mail provides for guaranteed safe transport of valuables and cash via the USPS. Countless hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cash and valuables travel throughout the country and around the world every year. The reason the system works is accountability and because it has the backing of the USPS and the federal govt.


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              I had a deal like this before and played along.
              I received a perfectly laser printed cashiers check from a bank that no longer existed