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Found a trunk key that works

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    My late dad once told me a story of when he was single and used to go to dances. This would have been late 50s or very early 60s. He had a '54 Mercury. Once, he came out of the ballroom to go home (this was in a Minnesota winter, so freezing and snow). Some strange guy is sitting in his (dad's) car with the engine running and the heater on, warming himself up!! I am unclear if this fellow was drunk and thought it was his car or had rode to the dance with others but had his keys on him and was waiting for them, or what the story was. Heard this probably 30-40yrs ago and Dad's not around to get the details now.

    Jeff in ND


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      Back in the late 60s, I had a '63 Impala. Upon return from a military training maneuver, I discovered that I had lost my car keys. 'Called the local police department, and an officer showed up with a large ring full of GM car keys. We tried every key on that ring, (probably at least 50) and, alas, none worked.

      The officer got in his car, and drove off, but turned around in mid block, and returned to my car. He took the keys out of his '63 Chevy patrol car, unlocked my door, and unlocked the ignition, which could then be operated w/o a key.

      Made it home, got my spare keys, and had another set made.
      Dave Lester


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        Years ago we were on our way to a CAP thing and stopped for gas. Norm Thompson always drove a Buick. Someone at the station somehow locked himself out of his Pontiac. Norm said "Maybe I can help" and slipped his key into the Pontiac's keyhole and easily opened the door. At the time GM apparantly used only 4 different keys for its cars!


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          Originally posted by Metman View Post
          Also around the same time, I could not find the key to my Cushman scooter (that I still have). I looked at the key to my parent's garage and it looked similar. Turns out it worked in the scooter!
          The trunk key to my '61 Cruiser actually worked in one of the mechanic's Snap-On tool boxes in the shop at the service station I worked at back in the early 1980's.