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Breakfast pic and an old T-Shirt

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  • Breakfast pic and an old T-Shirt

    Took the 55 to breakfast Saturday morning, and my pal Richard parked his little fat fender'd Cobra he is finishing up beside me. Thought this looked cool looking down from the breakfast table.

    Also, spotted this t-shirt of Karen's while she was doing laundry..... did any of you folks join us in the Mid-Tenn club back then ? Great show, and I think this is the one we got to meet Bob Burke and Ron Hall.....great days back then. We took our one ton 58 V-8 flat bed truck and Karen's 63 Avanti to that show. Quite a few Studes over here on the Big Island, but not many of them come out regularly.
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    That IS a really Cool . T Shirt John, thanks for sharing that. In perfect, seldom worn condition too.

    She must be like me, just Never actually WEAR them.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      StudeRich, she will wear her shirts, not often for sure, but she really takes care of our "precious" ones ! This is one of mine I wear the most, seems like we got it in the 80s at Road Atlanta, but I love to wear it while riding my scooter and people read it from behind or beside me, and holler friendly Stude stuff or have smiles and wave as they go by, ha !
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        Did a day trip. Only a 4 hr drive. May try this year only a 10 hr trip.


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          I was at that meet, along with most of the SDC Internationals since 1971. What I remember most from that meet was checking out/test driving a '53 Commander Starliner for Bill Tilden, who ended up buying it.
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

          SDC member since 1968
          Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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            We were at the meet as well. Ron Hall was selling T-Shirts as well for the Bonneville Avanti. We took over sales for a few hours so Luann could take her kiddos swimming. Got to meet Bob Bourke as well and had my picture taken as well. I also got to meet Tony Caralla there in Nashville. Dr Cade was there and drove 10 Studebaker's ( I am sure family members and employees drove as well) to the meet. I could go on and on but it was one of my most memorable meets.

            We heard Boots Randolph at his club as one of the meet activities and also had lunch on the General Jackson with entertainment. The week long meets provided a leisurely time to taken in the cars, meetings, and other activities.

            Bob Miles


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              Bob Miles, it was without question our favorite of the ones we went to ! I need to get out my pics of that year and have a self-satisfying "review, ha ! There were sure some good folks there that year that just made it better, and being in the Mid_Tenn club at the time, we got to help with some stuff too. I even came up there during the day at lunch while working, as I worked at the aircraft repair station ( FFV ) down on the edge of the runways.