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Which Vendor for a good Dana 23 for a 50 Champion

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  • Which Vendor for a good Dana 23 for a 50 Champion

    Trying to save some phone calls. Anybody have any idea which vendors would be the most likely to have a Dana 23 for a 50 Champion laying around?
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    Number ONE Clue; it would NOT be the Large Vendors that only sell New Parts.

    Depending on Where you live, if no Used Parts stash's are near you, your best bet MAY be to take it to a 4X4 Shop and have it rebuilt. The fairly common Dana Model 23 or similar Differential SHOULD have New Parts available.

    What makes it more difficult to find Complete USED for a '47 to '52, is the narrow track not used on the more common '53 to '66 Studes.
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      The best place to get a used one is to locate someone or a shop that is turning one of these Champions into a resto-rod or street rod. They would probably give you the old rear axle assembly. You might even try a free Craigslist ad in your area and check with the nearest SDC Chapters.
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        You have to be more specific about what you need. Be sure to remove the drums and axles, and inspect it further. A diff minus the axles is less than a loaded one and also less to ship. Also note the ratio. Is it a 4.10 4.27 4.55 ? ........


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          I'd look on the Studebaker Swap Meet Page here. Lots of folks selling Studs parts at ver reasonable prices (, see ad number 1651 there. Would also put a listing here on the forum Sale/Want page.
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            I would email Barry Hackney at in Houston, Texas


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              Jim Bahr at Wisconsin Studebaker will have one.