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Different Wheel covers on the "Sceptre" ?

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  • Different Wheel covers on the "Sceptre" ?

    I was just watching this video:

    I was thinking the wheel covers have/had a triangular motif that matched the inserts in the seat backs but the ones on the car in the video do not. I was able to find some photos that backed up my memory:

    I was fortunate to briefly see the Sceptre in 1994 when the IM was in Bloomington, MN. I watched as it was being rolled out of the hotel lobby area at the end of the meet.

    Jeff in ND

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    The triangular ones are the only ones I ever saw.
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      Doesn't it have different wheel covers on one side than on the other (going from memory here)?


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        I was at the AACA mueseum in July to see the Studebakers on display. The Sceptre was there, a sign by the car said
        the drivers side and passenger side where different in side trim and wheel covers.


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          The wheel covers in the video are the aero strut style with the outer bars removed. You can see the holes in the wheel covers where the outer bars are screwed in.


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            The domed wheelcovers in the video appear to be the ones originally fitted to Brooks Stevens 1965 Cruiser prototype. When you start looking through the Stevens archives for photos of the 1964/65/66 prototypes you start to notice that wheelcovers often got swapped from car to car, probably just for experimentation. The Scepter originally had the distinctive 'triangle' type wheelcovers on one side and wire wheels on the other.

            The Aero-Stut wheelcovers without cross bars were fitted to the 1964 Skyview wagon prototype and also a customized 1963 Daytona convertible that I think was used by Stevens daughter.