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    Thank you to all of the members who have taken the time to share so much valuable knowledge and advice here on the forum. Thanks to you I now have a leak and rattle free, dependable and smooth running 1962 Hawk. I would like to give a special thanks to Bud who was familiar with my car and provided helpful insight at the time I bought it, and to Radio Roy, who gave me excellent advice on replacing my speakers and uninstalling and reinstalling my radio on which he did an Aurora conversion. It's great to stream 60's tunes in the Hawk and enjoy high quality stereo sound. Without the wealth of information on the forum, I would not have known to check my heat riser which was installed backwards and had been stuck closed apparently for many years. In addition, a post discussing the proper number and placement of the rubber parts on the hood torsion bar was all I needed to eliminate the last and most irritating mystery rattle in my car. As we all know, owning and driving a fifty-seven year old vehicle means that notwithstanding my current good luck, it may not be long before some new issue will arise that will need to be resolved by consulting the forum. Hopefully not too soon!

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    You are welcome Paul, we are here to help! Glad to hear from another Redondo Beach Resident, in my case it WAS from 1960 to 1975.

    When Dad & Mom bought the Ave. "A" South Redondo house, he was still selling Studes. in Inglewood at Frank H, Afton Co. Studebaker, Packard, Mercedes Benz at 240 Market St.

    I drove to Hawthorne High from Redondo for my Jr. and Senior year there, because we were from Hawthorne like the Beach Boys.

    I am glad you got ahold of Bud my friend in Hawthorne, he is a Great Guy.

    PAUL; you have a Private Message, found at the Tiny hard to find "Bell" at the right Top of the Screen.
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      Hi Paul. Glad to help out. Happy that you enjoy it.
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        I agree about thanking the members, I have failed to do the same when asking questions and getting detailed and honest answers without attitudes that..........I should have already known that.
        So, thanks belated