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What Happend to the First Packard Hawk?

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  • What Happend to the First Packard Hawk?

    Hi ... Does anyone know which was the first Packard Hawk that was built? Duncan McRae modified a Golden Hawk 400 to make the personal car of Roy Hurley, that he was so happy with his car that he managed to make the car become the Packard Hawk for 1958 .... Where is this first prototype ?, what number of Golden Hawk was ?, can anyone expand my Packard Hawk culture?
    Thanks in advance for your answers

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    The first Packard Hawk to roll off the assembly line was on 10-3-57 and shipped to Daly City, Calif., the last of the 588 was on July 24, 1958 and shipped to the South Bend dealer. If you are interested in this topic you will find detailed info in my two TW Almanac columns for August 2002 and Jan. 2003. EVERYTNING you ever wanted to know about the Packard Hawk!

    As for the location of #1 I had heard that it was in Kingston, Ohio a few years ago but never had that confirmed. My friend Mike Williams (New Lenox, Illinois) was very active with this endeavor and beside his comprehensive roster he also maintained an active web site. Unfortunately Mike passed away a year or so ago and so far as I know no one has picked up the torch. His last roster (2005) accounted for 241 survivors in various states.
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      I spoke with the family in Daly City (actually Colma) who rumor had it bought the first Packard Hawk about 6 years ago. The son was not sure when the family sold it, nor who they sold it to or where it went.


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        The last one (#588) was at Harrahs before the collection was broke up and sold. I lost track of it after that.
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