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Lark interior accessory lighting

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  • Lark interior accessory lighting

    Basically a trivia level question, but I'm curious, when the original Studebaker radio is functioning, does the dial light up when the radio's on? It's been 50 years since I had a Studebaker with a functioning radio and that feature has slipped my mind.

    Two, is the clock that fit in the speaker insert in the Larks the same clock that went in the Hawks, and when that worked, did that clock have a lighted face when the instrument lights were on?

    Finally, some time ago, I replaced the headlight switch and thought I remembered how the wires were installed, how are the lighting functions set when the switch is pulled, parking lights, instrument lights, combination, and headlights?


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    Can't help on #2, but yes on #1 -- the dial lights up when the radio is on. The contacts on the light switch should be marked P, H, I, B etc. First pull is parking lights, second pull is headlights. Instrument lights work on both clicks. Parking lights don't work when the headlights are on.
    Skip Lackie


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      Thanks Skip, I'll look to reinstall the wires to follow that.