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Mecum Auction 10/11/19

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  • Mecum Auction 10/11/19

    Things that I noticed, so far, in the Mecum Las Vegas auction on Friday, 10/11/19.
    A) 1951 Studebaker two door sedan - customized; "bid" to $33K - no sale;
    B) 1955 Speedster, Vernon build, looks nice, stock, green/yellow, yellow leather, no reserve, sold for $24,500;
    C) 1948 Packard convertible, restomod, red, bid to $15K - no sale.
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    Any clue on condition. The Speedster looks to be a #3 from the pictures. Being a convertible, I would have thought the Packard would have sold. I assume it did not make reserve.
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      The Mecum auctions seem to be more about Corvettes and other Chevrolets than anything else. I get tired of seeing the same cars over and over and the commentators trying to use new adjectives to describe every one without much success. I think if I had anything but a Chevy to sell I would take it elsewhere if I wanted top dollar.


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        studegary, the guys announced a bit later that the 51 sold in the "bid goes on" area, but they didn't say what it sold for.


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          Sold for $36,300


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