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A tip of the hat to Stephen Allen

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  • A tip of the hat to Stephen Allen

    My Hawk gas tank died. I pulled it off last wednesay after draining a full tank to verify a bad tank. I called late Wednesday to order one of the tanks Stephen Allen had reproduced. I had it at my door early Saturday afternoon. That was faster than it takes my eyes to blink. I then was surprised to find a new sending unit gasket inside the box. The tank is definitely a very quality reproduction. Thanks to SA for reproducing what use to be a very hard to find item .

    And thanks to all our vendors whom lay out large sums of money to reproduce our parts


    1947 Champion (owned since 1967)
    1961 Hawk 4-speed
    1967 Avanti
    1961 Lark 2 door
    1988 Avanti Convertible

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    I completly agree


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      Stephen Allen has pulled my fat out of the fire, more than once...


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        though I haven't ordered from him..................yet, great to know about the gas tank


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          Thanks to our vendors from me as well. It would be much harder to restore, or keep our cars on the road with what is left of the parts cars out there.


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            It is very satisfying to respond the the question "Is it hard to find parts for Studebakers?" with, "Nope. We have lots of terrific vendors who help us keep our wonderful cars and trucks on the road."
            I have purchased from some of them, including SA and they are all great to work with. Thanks to all of you.
            Ed Sallia
            Dundee, OR

            Sol Lucet Omnibus


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              Throughout the four year restoration of our 64 R2 GT we used several SDC parts vendors, including Stephen Allen, most were fantastic in quality and service. SA and SI were/are my first resource! I will say if SA didn't have the part and knew where to get it they would share the info. Kudos to all our vendors.............
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