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1934 Dictator engine

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  • 1934 Dictator engine

    I sold an engine to someone in New Hampshire and a friend hauled it to Mansfield to partially pay for his trip.

    It turn out that the block has a crack in the valve galley and the engine block can not be repaired according to the buyer.

    I refunded him the money but needs the engine moved back to Illinois.

    The engine has a 1934 Dictator aluminum cylinder head and the crank , cam , oilpan and internals are OK.

    Can anyone use the parts ? preferably on the East Coast.

    Does anyone know of a repair method for these blocks.

    These engines were designed by Cole and Vail , engineers on contract with Wyllis.

    They sold the design to Albert Erskine , president of Studebaker.

    This engine was used by Studebaker until 1960.

    Problems with the engine castings were experienced until 1936 ,when water cooling tubes were installed

    and the more even cooling prevented the engine block cracks.

    There were timing gear versions and timing chain versions and many improvement made over the years.

    Can anyone help me with this problem.

    Robert Kapteyn

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    A friend who has a '32 Rockne repaired a similar engine having the same symptoms with Devcon Titanium Putty that lasted for years. He did it with tech support engineering from Devcon...