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  • GT Hawk weatherstrip package

    Anyone order the SI weatherstrip package for the Gt Hawks. How good are they and does it have every piece of rubber and all weatherstrips needed to do the complete car? Cost is over $1000 minus discounts and I would think for that kind of money it should be everything made of rubber that the car had as new.

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    The list of what you get is right there in the Catalog. It is mostly what it says: a Weatherstrip Kit to keep the water out of the Interior. 29 Items for $874.00 in 2014.

    There ARE other Rubber Parts on Cars which would not be part of that; Brake, Clutch & Gas Pedals, Climitizer Air Duct Gaskets, Radiator Air Baffle on Hawks, and a lot of "Mechanical" Rubber Parts.
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      I have ordered sets for 2 GT Hawks and 1 64 Avanti. I prefer to use Dave Thibeault as he can outsource what is current with more flexibility. His price is no different than S.I. but in this case, his knowledge is worth the order.


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        Good to know Mark. I'll check with him. I called SI and the kit is right at $1000 now but with discounts comes down to 800 something.


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          Studebaker Glass and Rubber has a complete kit for $880. This looks like every rubber part on the car. I used their kit on my C-body, and was 100% satisfied. He is either selling or closing his business, so you will have to order asap.


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            I was happy with mine.....
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