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Parting out 62 GT Hawk

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  • Parting out 62 GT Hawk

    Hello all,
    I have decided to convert my 62 GT Hawk into a race only car. I have many parts that I won't need anymore and will give away most of them with the exception of the 2bbl 289 engine and 4 speed. Price is negotiable on that. Can still be started since it will still be in the car a few more weeks. No knocking or any other noises. Smokes some after idling for a period of time.(guessing valve seals) Has not been converted to unleaded valve guides. I've always used lead substitute.

    Free Items:
    All glass and it's all in perfect condition.
    Wiper Motor and related mechanisms. Brand new blades too.
    Raditor. Re-cored in 2001
    Generator. Original rebuilt 2000
    Side and rear view mirror.
    Seats but they are in rough shape.
    Heater Cores (under seat and do not leak).
    Gas tank.
    Bumpers will go later this winter after I duplicate them in fiberglass. They have very little rust and are in fair condition.
    An original spare bias ply tire and wheel are in the trunk(wide white) but it has been used at some point.
    And any other items that would not be necessary to a car that will not be driven on the street.

    Send a message if you need something and a way to contact.

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your generous offer. I am sure it will help someone out greatly. Just a suggestion, but how about posting some pics of this car before you take it apart.
    Someone might have something better suited for a race car that would love to save your car. Just looks like a lot of work has gone into this car to change directions with it now.Thanks, Steve


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      Hmmm, Maryland huh? ...That's in JDP's territory! [:0]

      Studebakers Northwest
      Ferndale, WA
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Hello Wolfie,
        Here are some pictures, however, I'm pretty set on making the Hawk my race project. I know that runs againt the grain of a purist and believe me I'm one of them. I have had this car for about 10 years and am the second owner. I have kept it all original except the paint color as you can see. But the rust has taken over to the point that I don't think it's worth the effort. It would be very hard for me to not own a Studebaker. With that in mind plus the desire to race, I came to this decision. You have to agree, there aren't many 8 second Hawks at the drag strip. A blown 572 is going in it. But I will certainly consider any interesting trades


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          I might be interested in the engine and tranny. Is it a full flow?
          How much are you trying to get out of them?

          Jamie McLeod
          Hope Mills, NC
          Jamie McLeod
          Hope Mills, NC

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            Jeff, sent you an email.

            8 seconds is flying. I like em both ways, sounds like a sweet project to me.



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              The engine and transmission have been sold to a local guy. Wiper Motor, some trim parts, and wiper arms/blades, and front bucket seats have been claimed and I will get those out to those of you who wanted them.