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57-8 Silver Hawk on trailer

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  • 57-8 Silver Hawk on trailer

    This morning I saw a 57 or 58 Silver Hawk on a trailer,southbound on I-39. Just wondering if it was some one from here on the forum?? Faded red-orange color,white fins.Looked like a solid straight barnfind!! Looked complete,even had wheel covers on it! [It makes my day to see a Studebaker on the road,even on a trailer!]

    "Studebaker? It must be hard to find parts for those!"

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    I know what you mean I pulled in to a Truck Stop to fill up with diesel at Mitchell, SD I was tired and wanted to get to Oklahoma that day. At the truck stop there was a 1939 Commander on a car hauler. I went over and inspected real good forgot how tired I really was until I was another 100 miles down the road.

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