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1963 GT Hawk parts interchange with what?

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  • 1963 GT Hawk parts interchange with what?


    Can someone tell me what other years that 1963 GT Hawk parts interchange with? Or a good resource to learn more about parts interchangeability?


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    First of all, what parts are you inquiring about? Except for trim pieces, all Hawks are the same for 62-64. 63 Hawks had Avanti engines offered as options that also went to 64. Before 62 parts differed on items such as the dashboard, seats, generators, so it would help to know what you are looking at to help more.

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      Hi Terri,Do you need mechanical or body parts?Good Luck,Steve


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        Hi again,

        I was wondering because I have decided the 63 Hawk I have would be a better donor car than a restoration project. I have had questions about the parts fitting other years and wasn't really sure how to answer. So I am trying to educate myself before I advertise the parts for sale.

        Wayne's answer gave me the basic information I was looking for. I know I will have to further investigate, but at least I have a general idea now.



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          Your 63 GT Hawk was the same body shell of the 53 Studebaker hardtop, so a lot of parts will just bolt on to earlier hardtops, but not all.

          There were some modifications through the years, especially the roof, so the side windows and rear window won't fit the earlier hardtop bodies.

          Leonard Shepherd


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            The hood and grill pieces are also different from the earlier hawks. NT

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            Neil Thornton


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              Terri,if you're gonna list the parts on ebay,craigslist,just list them as '63 GT Hawk parts-most bidders will know what they are looking for.[example:a front fender from your car would fit my '61 Hawk,a rear fender would fit with slight modification,your trunk lid would fit my car,,,etc.etc..] And if a bidder doesn't know,send them here for info!
              Put up some pics,and the serial # and body #, here so we can see what you have!! Somebody on the forum was just talking about finding a frame from a GT Hawk to put under a '53 or'54 coupe.

              "Studebaker? It must be hard to find parts for those!"