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  • Auction Cruiser update

    Even tho I've been working on my 63 Cruiser over the last couple weeks, I hadn't said much about it because I didn't want to overshoot my 10K post until I had time to write the little story I did for it.

    I took out the seats and carpets and vacuumed all the mouse doodles out.
    I carried the seats and the blue '64 upholstery pieces I'd gotten from SASCO a few years back - over to my upholstery guy. What I'd picked up in SB was 3 sets of back seat covers (cushion & back) for what seemed to be '64 2-door sedans.
    Just to see how it was gonna look, my guy fitted one of the bottom cushion covers to the Cruiser's back bottom cushion. This entailed reshaping the corners since the 2-dr bottom is slightly different from the 4-dr bottom. I'm happy to say it came out pretty nice! the back seat back is an even easier fit save for the fact that he's gonna have to do a bit of surgery to accomodate the arm rest that the 2-drs didn't have.
    This'll leave two other sets of upholstery to do the split bench front seats. It's gonna be sharp! I'd put up a photo or two, but I'm having trouble downloading from my camera at the moment.

    The master cylinder was a challenge for my CASO ways. Someone - some years ago - had put new wheel cylinders on the car and rebuilt the master cylinder (or so it appeared). Then they bled the system, removed the shoes and assoc hardware and did noting more!
    I changed out all the wheel cylinders (sadly[V]) because althought they'd been new at one time, leaving them set for decades, with fluid in them, they were stuck solid.[B)]
    The MC - being a dual circuit unit - I wanted to save if I could because new ones are expensive (IF you can find one - and yes, I know all about the possible interchanges by now).
    This one looked like it had been kitted at one time and all the cups on the two pistons looked like new except in a couple of spots.
    When I took it apart the first time, I got out some debris that wasn't just rust or crud. These two little "bits" looked like pieces of shop rag! Whatever they were, they'd gotten caught under the edges of two of the rubber cups and deformed those cup's lips in sitting like that for years. Consequently, the MC wouldn't function like it ought to.
    Being REALLY reluctant to do away with those LARGE line nuts that are original to the '63s, I finally got a fresh kit thru Kragan (Raybestos MK1630) - installed the parts in this MC and bench bled it. Wala! I bled the brakes out this evening.

    I'd rebuilt the Stromber WW on it last week, but hadn't fired up the car since I mounted the refreshed carb back on. I'd also replaced the PVC and vac advance lines that were rotted off before.
    Once back on the ground with 4, nice, working brakes and a total tune-up/carb overhaul - man she was a pleasure to start and move! WooHoo![]

    When I pulled out the interior last week, I came to realize that there's a hump in the right, back seat floor. It looks like some doofus tried to jack it by the floorboard. It's not horrible tho and I'll whack it back down.

    The poor things front wheels cant inwards at the top because ALL the rubber bushings in the A-arms are shot. Now that I have an extra bay in the shop, I'm going to clean the filth out of it and slide the Cruiser in there. Then I'll give it a fresh set of Delrin bushings and whatever else seems to be needed.

    I'm gonna rob the complete new dual exhaust system off that '61 Cruiser I bought awhile back and put it on this '63.

    I've got replacements for the few dented pieces of beltline mouldings coming from SASCO and I need the two gold "Cruiser" scripts that go on the butterknife trim if anyone's got some. SASCO has NOS one's at almost '90 bucks apiece, but I hate to spring for new ones when just some decent, used scripts would do. (CASO!)

    Anyone got some of those scripts - even on some screwed up butterknife mouldins! - they'd be willing to part with???

    1957 Transtar 1/2ton
    1960 Larkvertible V8
    1958 Provincial wagon
    1953 Commander coupe
    1957 President two door

    No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.

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    Sounds like you have alraedy put in a lot of hard work. Isn't it funny the things that you find when you pull carpet? We are still finding little surprises (most of the living ones have thankfully left us for a better place!) Then there are the "Was that there before?" dents and dings that we are constantly discovering. Good luck with your work! Any pictures to share?

    John and Tracy Smith
    Queen Creek Arizona


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      On my 63 4-door today I pulled up a rubber mat in the trunk that'd been glued down, or the matting had stick-um on the down side. Either way, it's going to be a mess cleaning that out. Drained and removed the gas tank, wire brushed the crud off and sprayed metal prep on it. I reek of gas! I have months of work ahead of me before it's back on the road...but it seems to be the only thing that can sufficiently distract me from eating more than I should. ha ha!

      Western Washington, USA