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66 Wagonaire,now priced lower!

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  • 66 Wagonaire,now priced lower!

    This is one of the last 938 Wagonaires made in 1966.Only 618 were V8 models. (info taken from Turning Wheels 10/2002) It is a 283 V8,automatic,power steering,power disc brake, 331 Twin Track car with Air Conditioning. It had a power window in the tail gate.It now has a manual window tailgate off a 1963 Wagonaire. The factory disc brake setup has been removed in preparation for a Turner kit. The original tapered Twin Track has been replaced with a Flanged axle 331 Twin Track,but it needs backing plates and drums. The Interior is black with a column shift automatic,and front bucket seats with console. The dash is good,but the seats need recovering.The car comes with a spare set of Bucket seats and a spare set of door panels.All glass is good.Floors are SOLID,but it needs rockers and minor dog leg repair @ the door posts.There is some rust thru on the rear quarters,and a dent in the right rear quarter behind the door.It will need right side doors because these have rust holes in them. Motor is stuck,and the mice ate the wiring,so it will need both.I do have a friend with a running correct 283 and a non-correct TH350 trans out of another 66 4 door Lark that can be bought .I have NOS inner and outer front fenders,NOS grill panel and NOS front valance panel and new NOS chrome grill inserts to go with the car.The frame is good and solid.This car had aprox 67,000 miles when it was parked in a barn for years.It will be a project,but it is a rare wagon.It is more of a project than I want at this point in my life,so I bought a running Wagonaire instead.I have plenty of pictures for anyone interested to look at I am asking $1000 dollars. Someone save the old girl PLEASE.Thanks!...Rich[url][/url] The Cragars in the pictures have been sold BTW. THIS NEEDS TO GO,so $700.00 will take it,but I NEED THE SPACE.

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    OOOPS! She has 59,000 miles on it ,NOT 67,000 sorry!


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      I've seen this car in person- definitely makeable! I wasn't interested because I prefer the 63, although it seems most prefer the 64-66 style. Also, I already have another one that is a 63[^]

      Rich is a good guy! If you want one, drop him a line[8D]

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        What is your friend asking for his engine/transmission combo and where is it located?


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          The motor is $500.It ran good when pulled,and was purchased from Lee DeLaBarre. The tranny has already been sold. The motor is located in Granger Indiana,not far from SASCO.The wagon is also not far from SASCO.


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            Thank You Bob.


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              Sheesh Rich, now I just want that flanged TT me back![^]


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                Someone buy this one - as he says not many 1966s were made.

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                  Boyyyy it's a good thing I don't have a huge garage somewhere, I'd be accumulating these things like crazy. It would be way cool to have one of the very last Studebaker wagons...given that wagons were what they started out making 115 years earlier! I've seen a few 66s, but never a 66 wagon, even hereabouts where all the 66s started out and where a few still live. I've heard that the second-last car off the Hamilton line was a wagon; no idea if that's accurate or not...I wonder how near the end of production your project car is?

                  BTW the choke cap you sent is perfect; the old one, though jury-rigged a bit, was also working more or less OK and will be kept as a spare. Rather sad that the Lark is running better than ever, just in time to head off to storage!



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                    quote:Originally posted by ChampTrucking

                    The original tapered Twin Track has been replaced with a Flanged axle 331 Twin Track,but it needs backing plates and drums.
                    I thought the tapered axles were gone by mid-65. My 65 Cruiser had TT and flanged axles.

                    Mark Anderson
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                      Yeah, I don't think there were any 66s built with the tapered axle rears.[B)]

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                        This one had a tapered rear,HONEST! I sold it to Don Simmons of the Stainless Steel Exhaust fame!


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                          What's the status on those spare bucket seats?I really only need the drivers' side.