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  • thanks from a "rookie"

    I'm over 50 years old and have been tinkering with old cars since I was in my teens. I've had a little bit of everything over the years, but mostly Chevy street rods. When my back started giving me problems, I got rid of my projects and parts. I figured it wasn't worth it anymore. That was until a '50 Champion Starlight Coupe turned up for sale. I remember seeing one of these for the first time as a little kid and thinking it was the coolest car in the world (and I guess I still do). It needs a total restoration but it's a good solid car. It is 99.9% original and intact. I normally like the street rod approach, but I can't do that to this car. I'll do all the work myself (except machine work), so I've spent a lot of time online gathering all the machanical information I can. I've already downloaded a ton of information from this site. The reason I'm posting this is to thank everyone who has already helped me, and for the future help. You guys (and gals) are an awesome group. My next move will be to join the SDC, even though I would be a lousy member. There is not enough time in the day as it is, so I doubt I could contribute much. Anyway, I thank everyone here. Manuals and shop guides are great - but it's nice to hear from those who have "been there and done that". Thanks again!

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    Welcome Chuck, you will enjoy the car and fixing it up. You are ahead of the game by having a complete car. Some of the cosmetic stuff is getting scarce but mechanical parts are plentiful.Quite a few of us are past our 50's and still restoring cars so that is not something that needs to stop folks from working on their old cars. You will enjoy being an SDC member, just the monthy publication Turning Wheels is worth the price. I am 67 and just in the last couple of years finished building a streetrod and have restored several other Studes.

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      Welcome, Chuck! No member of SDC is a "lousy one". Every membership adds to the collective strength of the club - whether you're an active participant or not. But you'll get a warm, fuzzy feelin' knowing you're part of a great organization.

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        Welcome, Chuck. I share Bob's concern about your identifying yourself as a potentially "lousy" member...there aren't any. (And if any of 'em do start to get cantankerous here on the Forum, the Webmaster will deservedly tie a knot in their tail!)

        Seriously, you've got a doubly-distinctive car in a 1950 Starlight coupe; it has both the unique wrap-around rear window treatment and the bullet-nose front end. Even if you leave it in primer, the car will always garner many thumbs-up. And being a Champion, the mechanicals are as easy to work on as was your first power mower...and the parts about as cheap and plentiful, too!

        Again, welcome to The Studebaker World! BP
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          Welcome to the world of Studedom! I'm sure you will really enjoy your bulletnose, as I have mine. Be prepared for a LOT of second looks and thumbs ups when you're out driving around. These cars really attract attention.
          We're always interested to see member projects, regardless of how far along you are with restoring or rebuilding, so please post a couple pictures of your car when you get the chance! Please also join the SDC. Your dues will be well spent and are justified not only by your Turning Wheels subscription, but by the invaluable support this forum provides.

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            It's always great to learn of another person working on a Studebaker. We also have a '50 Champion, which makes your project even more special. It will be good being part of your project. Thanks for being part of the forum.

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              Welcome. As you are already aware, the 50 Stude is one of the most recognizable cars ever built. A true icon. Good luck on the build.



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                I bought my first Studebaker this past August and immediately joined the SDC. The people in these forums have been a HUGE help to me in a lot of different ways. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want and most likely someone here will have the answer. Good luck with your project, and good choice of years!

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                  Hi Chuck, Welcome.
                  I have also found the guys and gals on the forum to be helpful and patient; I'm also new to Studebakers. I have other (brand X) cars and participate on 4 different forums. This is by far the friendliest and frankly devoid of the posturing that occurs on some of the others. It's quite akin to talking to a good friend over the back fence. All in all a great community that offers good advice even to a "lurker"

                  Happy Trails

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                    Glad to have you around, Chuck. Everyone's right, no lousy ones (that we want to talk about) in the SDC. Heck, some here on the forum whom are extremely knowledgeable and helpful haven't even joined the SDC, so you'll never be lousy just because you're new to Studes. Most are well versed on many other marques. Now.... we do have lazy, over zealous, extremely talented, no talent at all, wealthy and broke... there are also cheap a**es, pain in the a**es, etc., all with their own humble opinion, patience, or lack there of depending on the topic! But, participate a little or a lot depending on your mood. That's what everyone else does. You have a great car and a great attitude...maybe too long of a forum member name to spell out for the impatient, so "Chuck" may just have to do for me.