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Power shift or not ?

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  • Power shift or not ?

    I recently purchased a rebuilt Flite-O Matic for my 63 GT.When I got it home I noticed 2 fittings on the side for cooling lines.The shift linkage & governor control are the same as on my column non R series
    V/8 trans thats in the car now.I know the power shifts are floor controled,but as I have never been under a car with one I don't know if the trans is controlled from the top or if floor linkage goes over to the side levers same as on regular auto's.What trans do I have,a heavy duty from a cab ? would it hurt it to by-pass the cooling lines as I don't have the correct radiator & would need to put a trans cooler in if I were going to use the cooling lines.The numbers are long gone off the ID plate so how do I tell what trans. I have ?

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    Just count the clicks on the shift lever, what could be easier?

    H.D. Flight-O-Matic with cooling lines = 5

    Power Shift = 6

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