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    Hi guys, thanks for all the nice comments. It is not the hershey car as it was in a private collection for 25 years or so. I have not had it all that long and jumped on it as it is a 1964 with a 4 speed and that makes it one of 25 built and 9 surviving(how many could be from California?). Figured I would buy it and decide later If I could afford to keep it, I just have too many supercharged Studees (if I can have too many??)and need to let her go. I really dont want to sell it as it will be hard to replace. I also need to sell a couple more of my cars due to personal reasons. It is not as nice as JDPs(with 60k-70k in receipts and NOS parts), but it is a completely rust free example and a 4 speed with a numbers matching engine. I know the intro was long and that was to hopefully explain to anyone searching under "paxton" what it was and maybe provide a good read to the rest of you. I gave it a more thorough description than many people do, but I guess I could have done more. Bottom line..... ULTRA rare car for a very fair price and everything works well to my knowledge and is in good shape. One of these sold for $52,000 last spring as many of you are aware of, so I think this a great deal even in this economy. And for all those who want to know, my reserve is 25k which is basically what I have in it and very fair for the car. I put a higher buy it know for the hell of it. I will consider reasonable offers to end it early if you guys are interested as some of you guys are saying its to high and I appreciate the feedback. Keep in mind Im quietly on this board everyday so you can email or post a message to find me. Thanks again for the nice comments. Tom

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    Put me in the other camp on value, although I have a bias. My last real nice R2 GT sold for 35K, and even my R2 Lark sold for 25. I think you may hit your reserve and maybe go over your BIN. I intend to put mine up in a day or two so maybe I can afford yours since I can't drive mine. I am bidding on your car.

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