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  • StudeRich
    Most of us Studebaker Vendors at sell the correct colors of Engine Enamel for the engine.

    '51-'54 is Olive Green
    '55 is Dark Blue
    '56-'57 is Turquoise Green
    '58-'61 is Aluminum Silver
    '62-'66 is Black

    There never were any Gray engines, Just the few R3 Avanti engines and maybe '56 Golden Hawk Packard engines that were Red.

    Studebakers Northwest
    Ferndale, WA

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  • bezhawk
    Eastwood (and others) sell a product called "GLYPTOL". It is an internal engine sealant paint. It aids in oil return to the pump as a bonus.

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  • 54-61-62
    I would not use POR-15. It is not heat resistant. It will start lifting and peeling on edges of the engine block.

    As for the valve cover yellow, I offer correct computer matched yellow in spray cans.

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  • whacker
    Well, you are right about no paint on the inside. There is a special paint used at the factory to seal the cast iron used inside the crankshaft part of the block, and I think it was originally used inside the lifter valley as well, but I've never seen anyone redo that paint. What year car is the engine going into? Are you trying to match the original color? Turquoise is correct for some years, and grey is correct for other years, red is right for some years. Any of the Studebaker venders can get the correct paint for you, if that matters. I have never tried the POR-15 primer for engine enamel, but I have confidence in their products. Rust on the engine block has never been a problem on any engine I have seen, unless it had sat in mud for 30 years.

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  • smaclean
    started a topic 259 Engine Paint

    259 Engine Paint

    Hi all,

    Just got the block back from the machine shop from hot tanking and boring. Looks really nice!!! Much better than the rust and grease covered engine that went in.

    Next week I want to paint it. What suggestions do people have for the process and what kind of paint do I use? The machine shop recommended putting on an etching primer then painting it with engine paint.

    I was at the autobody store today and they were recommending using POR15 engine paint and brushing it on. We've used regular POR15 for the body and its pretty good. I want the engine to look sharp..

    What parts of the engine should be (or not) painted? I'm planning on leaving all the internal parts unpainted. Is this correct? What about the valve lifter chamber?

    Any suggestions?