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  • Door Rubber Weatherstrip

    Okay. I'm getting ready to buy rubber for the doors on the 55 sedan. I don't want to end up with crap poor repro weatherstrip like I did last year for a early lark. Last year I bought some reproduction door rubber from a vendor and was less then pleased with it. It fit and glued in the channel but the compressable edge that goes against the door was moulded in the 'pre compressed' worn out form and did not really seal the doors worth ****.

    I have a few inches of rubber left that came from N&A in the 80's. This stuff sealed well due to the door actually compressing the rubber. the rubber has an "L" shaped compressable edge that seals along the door. Here is a scaned cross section of it. Anybody know where I can get some of this rubber that will actually seal the doors?

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    As far as I know Kent, it is NLA. Sorry. If that was available it would sell though!

    That resembles the trunk seal, more than the '53-'62 around the door seal though.

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      Yes, I know it looks like trunk seal, but it's much smaller and fits in the door chanel.


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        I would try soffseal, steele products, and restoration speciality products, for something that will do the job. I have a piece here I believe that would work well on doors but can't remember where I got it. I think from restoration specialities. Soffseal and steele have on line catologs but my links wouldn't work.


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          I bought mine several years ago at Madison, WI meet from SI for my '55 sedan and it works great. It has probably changed since then.


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            Try Metro Rubber in Coon Rapids, Minn. 763-757-0310. They have a great web site with pics. I bought some rubber for my wagon rear side windows that is NLA and it was great. You will have to page through their web site but it is a great place to start. Good Luck.