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Prototype 1953?

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  • Prototype 1953?

    I have a 1953 prototype car that apparently was an attempt to use as many 1952 parts
    in case the tooling for the 1953 was not approved by the board.
    It seems that "T" tops were in the design.
    The car was in the Studebaker grave yard and was rescued by Brad Kuchan,
    It was donated to the museum and I stored it for the museum at no cost.
    Body only , no frame Dick Quinn has mentioned the car in the Turning Wheels several years ago.
    The museum does not want to do anything with it and told me to junk it.
    For the scrap price of $150.00 I will part with it to an interested chapter or
    ambitious individual.
    A notice regarding this car was posted on the bulletin board at Lancaster and some shop
    down South called that they wanted it.
    No one called back.
    I will junk it this week if no one wants it.
    Robert Kapteyn

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    I call dibs on it. Email sent.

    Thanks, Kent


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      Can you post a picture?

      Leonard Shepherd


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        quote:Originally posted by rkapteyn

        I have a 1953 prototype car that apparently was an attempt to use as many 1952 parts
        This one?



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          Thanks Craig. I couldn't find my Special Interest Autos magazine with those pictures.

          Leonard Shepherd


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            Mr. Kapteyn:

            Just wanted to let you know I mailed you the payment for the the prototype 53 shell in the US mail to you today. You should have it in a couple days. Sent it to you just so you know I'm serious and it's a done deal.

            I'll pick it up sometime mid to late next week. I'm booked full this week. I'll give you an email or call as plans come together.

            Thanks Much,


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              Kent, I want pics.

              Matthew Burnette
              Hazlehurst, GA


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                I wonder what the front end looked like?


                Clark in San Diego
                '63 F2/Lark Standard

                Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                  What a piece of history at such a cheap price. Someone out there is lucky!