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I want to buy a 1937, 38 or 39 Coupe Express

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  • I want to buy a 1937, 38 or 39 Coupe Express

    I got a lot of great responses from my last posting. Thanks guys. I got some great advice and decided maybe I should be a bit more specific. I did not know production numbers were so low for 38 and 39, which means I may have better luck finding a 1937 CE Truck instead. I'll take any of those three years though.

    I guess the best way to say what condition truck I am looking for would be like this: On a scale of 1 to 6, ( 1 being best ) I am looking for a CE Truck that is in the 1 to 4 condition scale. I am not looking to hot rod this truck. I come from the old school which means you keep it original through and through. Cost is of course a factor and I would have to say that the cost will most likely be determined by the condition or year of the truck.

    If anyone hears or knows of a CE Truck for sale, feel free to contact me and I will reply. I just like the style of those darn trucks ever since I went to the LeMay Auto Museum in Tacoma Washington. I am very serious guys, so please get the word out. I'd like to have my truck on here some day.

    George in Washington State