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  • Anyone see this one yet?

    I've heard people say that you have to either love or hate the front end of an Avanti. This one raises the situation to a whole new level.
    (Ebay Listing)

    I had the owner send me more pics and they're on the lower part of this page...

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    That is wrong on so many counts. Looks like Clark Griswold's family truckster in the front.

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      Miscreant Studebaker nut in California's central valley.

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        Raymond and Sherwood are rolling over in their graves. [:0]

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          Nowhere, AZ
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            Well, it's a perfectly good excuse to hack it up and put a '63 nose on it...

            if he wanted more cooling, why not just cut put louvered panels in the hood? That might actually look good...


            55 Commander Starlight
            55 Commander Starlight


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              My initial reaction was a gut wrenching "oouhg!" I have nothing against the original Avanti styling...even though it is by far not on the top of my list...but this one is just UUUG-LY!

              1963 Lark Custom, 259 V8, TT, 4 doors, 2 tone paint. Driven often, always noticed. Man I love this car!!


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                So far it's unanimous

                San antonio TX. 53 Champion Coupe, to be brought back from the dead.
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                  I think it's stunning....I looked and was stunned [}]

                  63VY4 Leakin' Lena Hagerstown MD


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                    Speaking of The Griswolds: Didn't I see this Avanti up on blocks 'round back of Cousin Eddie's place on the prairie in the original Vacation movie? [:0][xx(] BP
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                      I know style is a personal taste but OUCH!!
                      , ,


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                        Quoting Jack Benny: "Welllllllllll..."


                        Clark in San Diego
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                          Hey, I liked it........

                          before the "mods"!

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                            I don't think the grill mod is all that bad but the extra bumper parts under the turn signals are ghastly [xx(] I could even stand the center guards but those end pieces would have to go. Is it me or does the front end straight ahead shot sort of look like a mid 70s pontiac grand prix or perhaps a early cordoba??

                            Jeff in ND

                            '53 Champion Hardtop

                            Jeff in ND


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                              It Deaded me.....

                              '50 Champion, 1 family owner