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  • where is the right place?

    Hey guys.

    The chassis reinforcement is done and the prospect of re-mating the body to the newly detailed and alot heavier frame is starting to become something that I spend too much time thinking about at 3 AM. (I'd rather sleep then) I am gonna do this by myself, so the need for a chain hoist to manipulate the body up and down has sold itself to me (in my mind at least). The chassis is complete, and is rolling. My question is this: (finally) Where should I "lift" the body w/ the hoist? ( 53 HT) I was thinking that I would pass two bars through the passenger compartment and let the roof support the weight.

    Well,....This is ANOTHER fine mess I've gotten myself into.

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    Are the windows in in rear and windshield? If not, I've seen it done with the help of a 2x4 frame so as not to put stress directly on the steel top in small areas. Are the doors on? You may have to support the body inside if not to avoid torquing the body.


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      I used two angles run crosswise underneath and bolted through body bolt holes. Let them stick out a foot or so on each side. Then a spreader angle above body with two chains down to the two cross pieces on both sides. Makes a sling of sorts. Rolled frame under body and set it down on small wooden blocks to remove angles then removed blocks. It may work picking it up by the top but I didn't want to chance screwing up anything.


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        I bridged between the hood mounting locations on the firewall to lift the front and between holes I drilled near the rear most body mounts to lift the rear. I drilled the holes where I could repair them after the body was mounted. This allowed me to lift and center the body without needing to remove the bolts. I used two chain falls. I did not want to damage any part of the hardtop. I might have tried your way to lift a coupe.