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Recieved 1555808 blueprint from archives

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  • Recieved 1555808 blueprint from archives

    The postman brought a mailer from the Studebaker Archives this afternoon containing the blueprint for the 1555808 shifter bracket (see p. 215 of your Lark parts manual)used in 1962 for a floorshift application in six cylinder taxies.

    The note on the blueprint state the type of steel the part is to made from and of course all of the bends, taps and welds. Some of the notes on the drawing state the the part was intended for both the T86 and T90 transmissions and there is a note that the part is intended for both standard and overdrive transmissions. There is another note saying the drawing recieved final approval on 8-8-61. Oh, the part is made from two pieces of steel with one piece bent at a 90 degree angle and the second welded in for stiffness.

    I am going to a local metal supply and fabrication business sometime tomorrow that to see how much it would cost to at least make one. Their minimum charge is $70.00 and I know that I do not have the skill or the tools to do a good job at this.

    At least SASCO stocks the shift rods and the shift lever for this project. From what I gather the stock three and four speed shifter are essentially the same thing.

    The adventure continues

    Jeff T.

    "I'm getting nowhere as fast as I can"
    The Replacements.
    \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
    The Replacements.

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    Jeff- There must be an SDC forum member in your area of Nebraska. If the bracket looks like the previous pix, It would be a simple bend and weld or lacking a bend, just cut the pieces and weld. If it was michigan, I'd do it for you.


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      Jeff, Send me a copy of the print and I will build you one for the cost of the metal and shipping.