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  • Parts ID help please

    I'm cleaning out the garage and dug these items out. I recorded the casting numbers and checked a couple in my chassis book but can't find them. Any help ID'ing these would be greatly appreciated.

    Water manifold - 534562
    Water manifold - 1547210

    Supercharger bracket - 1542293
    (Which manifold above would this bracket mount to)

    Bell housing - 1539082
    Bell housing - 1545103

    Chrome top of door pot metal moulding - 306587

    Thank you.

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    We've covered this before. These casting numbers don't translate to part numbers. My guess is that they were "internal" numbers that were used to identify raw castings before they were machined or finished.

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      Thanks Mr Biggs.

      I'm still hoping that someone may be familiar with the casting numbers to shed some light on these items.

      Any other thoughts from the crowd? Thanks.