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  • We're Making Progress!

    Over in The Stove Huggers Dept, I posted the second American Torque Engine Quiz last evening. Several Forum members have taken the quiz and enjoyed it. (If you haven't, I'd encourage participation. It's quite educational.)

    But here's the good point: After you answer each question, it tells you if you are right or wrong, and why the engine is not one of the alternates of the multiple choices. It also tells you how many people answered that particular question correctly.

    One of the engines is an R2 engine room. You can't tell the make of car unless you know it's a Studebaker; the photo is too "tight." It is Ted Harbit's Stude Tomato at The Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race.

    90% of the persons taking the quiz (all persons, not just Studebaker enthusiasts) got that question right; the highest percentage of any engine of all 19 in the quiz! That's really great: It means our efforts at educating fellow enthusiasts about supercharged Studebakers is paying off, when an R2 Studebaker V-8 is correctly identified more often than any other American high-performance engine in a quiz of 19 such engines!


    EDIT Eight Hours Later: 'Must be a lot of Stude folks taking this quiz; the R2 "recognition" is now up to 93%!

    Cooler beans yet!

    EDIT 24 HOURS later: Oops, more non-Stude guys must be on line. Percentage is back down to 90% for the R2.[V]

    (Beans are getting a little warm.) BP
    We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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    I thought I would bump this back to the top. Fun little exercise for car nuts.

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