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Anyone have a 1942 studebaker?

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    RQ quoted the Model 90 production figures here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...-2012-calendar



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      Larry, please post some pics of the car!
      ~Matt Connor
      '59 Lark 2-door


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        A friend here in central NE has a '42 Champion 4-door sedan in storage. The body is solid and the car is straight and complete, but it needs a complete restoration; it's not in running condition at present. I don't know if he will ever get to it.

        george krem


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          I do not have a web site, if you want to see pictures you have to email me at I think this is the only 42 model 90 blackout four door sedan left. I f any one else has a black out four door champion please let me know.


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            Is it a model 90 black out? if so let me know, thank you


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              If you want to see the car you'll have to e-mail me at as I do not have a web site.


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                You do not need a Website to paste the Pics from your Computer "C" Drive to the Forum, it is easy using the Icon 3rd. to the right of the Smiley Faces.
                Second Generation Stude Driver,
                Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                  Does anyone have a photo of a dealer window sticker for a 1942 studebaker champion I could see. I need to see what one looked like to make one for my car. Please email me at with a photo

                  Thank You

                  Larry Wells


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                    Here's a few shots of my friend Wayne's beautiful '42 Champion!
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                      Originally posted by larry wells View Post
                      Does anyone have a photo of a dealer window sticker for a 1942 studebaker champion I could see. I need to see what one looked like to make one for my car. Please email me at with a photo
                      Dealer window stickers didn't exist in 1942, but you can purchase a copy of the Production Order for your car from the Studebaker National Museum.



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                        I thought window stickers were on all cars back then at dealerships? Anyway here are a few photos of my rare 42 champion deluxe model 90 blackout sedan. Hope you like it. It is featured in the MVPA Army Motors magazine this month in a two part story on the WWII Civil Defense and this rare car. The second part on the restoration of the car will be in the march issue. I think this is the only blackout model champion sedan left. Can anyone verify? I know there are 42 's out there, but is this the only blackout model built left? Thank You, please send all comments to
              , thank you LarryClick image for larger version

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                          1942 President (Australian) Export chassis production figures.

                          Originally posted by Studebaker Wheel View Post

                          1942 Champion Six model 4G 29,678 + 62 w commercial bodies
                          1942 Commander Six model 12A 17,500
                          1942 President Eight model 8C 3,500

                          (I also have production figures by body style.)

                          Production began August 20, 1941, ended January 31, 1942

                          Rare is a relative word. Certainly more rare than 1939-41 cars because of the shorter production run. Scarcity however does not equate to more valuable. Most people prefer the styling of the �41 over the �42.

                          Richard Quinn
                          editor: Antique Studebaker Review

                          Hi Richard,
                          Just like to know if you would have the export figures (to Australia) on the '42 Presidents, either as a complete vehicle and/or in chassis form for commercial use.



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                            So far as I know that information is not easily accessible. If one had a lot of time and patience and wanted to go through 3500 production orders (on microfilm) the information is in there! Is it important?
                            Richard Quinn
                            Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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                              42 Commander

                              Originally posted by studelover View Post
                              I might be getting a 1942 Stude, how rare are they?

                              Studebakers forever!
                              Hi, I'm only aware of three other outside of mine. There was a fifth one in West VA and I stripped it for brightwork and a few parts as is was paper thin rusted out. It went to the crusher. There might be more of course, I just haven't seen any.

                              Here are pictures of mine. Having a hell of a time slowly getting it in shape to run. Maybe still a year off. I believe it's a custom cruising sedan/deluxe, with suicide doors. Number 12A.

                              Click image for larger version

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                                Originally posted by mbstude View Post
                                Stephen Cade has a '42 President Skyway Sedan Coupe.
                                That one is still around.