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    Will fiberglass fenders lower the resale value of a 57 Hawk?

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    Only if you are selling it as a concours correct restored '57 Hawk.
    Most buyers that just want a cool car to take to local car shows won't mind 'glass (some may like it).
    But a person trying to buy a 'correct', 'stock' '57 Stude would have issues.
    If you were to show this car in the stock class (Division 4), you would be marked down as per chapter six in the judging manual, where it states under originality, the body panels should be as they came from the factory, without dents.
    So, to honestly answer your question, I would have to say it would depend on the buyer.
    If he/she is a Studebaker purist. It will hurt your value.
    If the car is fabulous, you probably won't even get asked about them.
    But don't try to hide it if you do.
    Just one opinion..

    quote:Originally posted by satdoc2

    Will fiberglass fenders lower the resale value of a 57 Hawk?
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      Well-answered, Jeff.

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        Well, I'd say that the value (to most buyers) would be more than if the car had old, flappin' swiss-cheesy steel fenders, but less than if it had fresh NOS fenders - if that helps any.

        If I had a set of 'glass fenders, I'd be tempted to put them on my '55 just so I wouldn't have t ofeel bad about exposing the steel ones to the elements...


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        55 Commander Starlight