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  • Recent Studebaker Avanti Sales

    On May 18, 2008 at the State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN Mecum Auctions had two (2) Studebaker Avantis in their sale. One was a 63 R-2 unrestored 3+ condition while the other was a 64 R-2 with a cosmetic (?) restoration.

    Here's the reports from Collector Car Magazine on these sales

    Happy Reading!!!



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    That's maybe 30%-40% higher then the typical ebay price.

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      Jim "Brake Kit" Turner and I and a couple others from The Indy Chapter SDC worked this auction as drivers/gophers/etc. ('Nice to get paid for coming to the auction and driving cars around!)

      We had plenty of time to inspect both these Avantis and they were indeed unusually nice cars. The persons who bought them would have been hard-pressed to build "average" Avantis into ones this nice for the monies invested at this sale. BP
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        Bob, never dreamed you could get paid for having a good time. I got my copy yesterday and the first thing I do id look at Auction Results. I was impressed the $$$ they brought and your post just enforced that they indaeed were good buys all around for nice cars.
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