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    That is the most abuse of the word "MINT" that I have ever seen.

    Leonard Shepherd


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      You laugh, but if it was a hardtop, it would be long gone. As a four door, he'll be lucky to get a third of his starting bid.

      "I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

      Thomas Jeffereson
      JDP Maryland


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        Well, that IS Calvin's new home base...
        (And that kind of money would be the biggest money seen in them there parts of South Carolina!)

        quote:Originally posted by Johnnywiffer
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


        Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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          Never a good sign when you misspell the FIRST word of your description

          Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
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            quote:Originally posted by lstude

            That is the most abuse of the word "MINT" that I have ever seen.
            It's definitely not "mint" as described, but its a car one could easily drive to a local car show and turn a few heads once it get a coat of wax and good interior cleaning.



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              One of my old pinochle playing buddies used to say "You never know what you can get away with 'till you try."

              Pat Dilling
              Olivehurst, CA
              Custom '53 Starlight aka Stu Cool
              Pat Dilling
              Olivehurst, CA
              Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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                I sold a similar one for around $5k. I think that was pretty much top dollar for a '55 6 cylinder in #3 condition...

                Dick Steinkamp
                Bellingham, WA


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                  That might be a good high MPG driver for someone if he would sell it for what it is worth, between 2 and $3,000.00 otherwise his Grandkids Grandkids will still be trying to sell it in 3008! [:0]

                  Studebakers Northwest
                  Ferndale, WA
                  Second Generation Stude Driver,
                  Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                    Even more interesting is his statement "This car was my Grandpa". I wonder who Grandma was, a Kaiser or a Hudson? [}] Got a lot of water stains ion the headliner for "been in the garage for many years".

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                      Oh well, eBay made a profit so someone will be happy. [}]

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                      Mark Hayden
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                        Hey, those pix were taken 2 years ago. Just after a wash job. But did ya notice there is no radio, clock, cigar lighter or a correct gear shift knob. Now, I KNOW it's 50 years old. But MINT? Wonder what it looks like today?

                        Notice that Gramps had plenty of time on his hands. He painted the fan shroud flat black and the air cleaner and oil cap red. So the radiator was probably out--maybe that winter when they replaced it because it froze up--when he had his mind on paint instead of anti-freeze.

                        I just hope Granny isn't counting on selling this car, at this price, to pay the mortgage on the farm, any time soon. Hey, I think I see that blonde-haired beauty in the pic of the water-logged headliner.



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                          Guys I think the seller meant in HOPE TO MAKE ONE off this tired-looking car.



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                            [quote]Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp

                            I sold a similar one for around $5k. I think that was pretty much top dollar for a '55 6 cylinder in #3 condition...

                            If that's a number three, Dick, I'd hate to see what that car would be rated besides mint. What a nice job on that.

                            I kind of feel bad for the seller based on the hard to read description and I bet their grandfather was a SDC member at some point and loved that car, but got too old to care for it. Not sure if the seller is male or female, but my guess is that they had heard tales over the years from him and really think that it's worth something. They will find out soon enough that it's not a lottery ticket, but I hope someone with patience gets it for a better second life.


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                              Well, $15K's a joke. Ya HAFTA wonder how he came to that figure! Maybe Grandma said: "Boy, if I could round up 15 thousand bucks, I wouldn't hafta sell this here ol' house 'o mine."

                              Am I mistaken, or are these early 55 sedans much less seen than the Ultra-Vista ones?

                              Miscreant Studebaker nut in California's central valley.

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