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    quote:Steve, if you're retaining the stock steel wheels and plan to mount radials, please read the threads here on what happens to these wheels in this case. They were engineered for bias-ply tires, and when radials are mounted, stresses are created that the the wheel wasn't designed for. This causes cracks to occur in the rim and the wheel to self-destruct.

    Inspect your wheels very carefully if you plan to stick with bias-plies, and replace them if you're going with radials.
    Good advice, but... Out of all our Studes, only ONE has bias ply tires, and that's the '57 Hawk. (My granddad likes to think he's in 1957 when driving that car. ) All the others have radials on the original wheels. Many of these cars have been that way since before I was born, and never any trouble from any of them. (Knock on wood..)

    On the same note, none of our cars have ever broken a tapered axle either. But that didn't stop be from buying a set of the new ones that Stephen Cade is making. [8D] (And they are pretty darn nice!!)

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA