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    The byline on the online calendar beckoned with 'Church of Cars and Coffee'. It was said to happen at 7:30 a.m. on Sundays at one of those upscale coffee-houses that you find in tony suburbs today. It sounded interesting. I like coffee, so I dusted off the Hawk and headed out, 20 miles away to the big city. Let me just say that I am a stubble-jumper from way back, a rural person my whole life. The village I live next to has 1500 people on a good day. Madison, the major metropolis in our area has 200,000. I'm no stranger to its environs and I try to keep up yet nothing prepared me for what I was about to see.
    I located the coffee shop and drove right up and backed into an available spot. Then I took a gander at the cars already there. Hokey-smokes Bullwinkle, there must have been 6 Porsche's, 2 BMW's, 2 Aston Martins, a Nissan ZX, some kind of Mitsubishi and a Lotus, a Viper, a Ferrari, an Audi or two and a Lamborghini. Waving the American flag there was a lone Corvette and now, ta-daaa you guessed it, a '64 R2 GT Hawk! The only cars there that were older than new were a BMW 2002 and a Porsche 911 and ........a '64 R2 GT Hawk.
    Well, it was too late to escape so I bravely got out and opened the hood so everyone could see its R2 glory, hoping they wouldn't notice the horribly deteriorating paint, the dents, faded chrome, or rust bubbles. I grit my teeth, I was obviously out of my league and I was feeling about as welcome as a leper in a nudist colony.
    As I stood there trying to guess how many millions of dollars the 20 assembled cars were likely worth 2 gentlemen walked over and we began talking Studebaker. We all know the drill. 'When did they go out of business, etc.' I willingly supplied the answers and soon more people came over to check it out. During a lull in the conversation I slipped away to look at the other cars, but kept tabs on the Hawk that was positioned at the edge of the car area. There was a group around the car the entire time, talking and pointing at various items. I was there for about an hour and a half and I would judge the car was unattended for maybe ten minutes.
    As I left, I felt very proud that I was able to help these poor depraved souls, that had only boring Ferrari's, Lambo's and Aston Martins to drive and look at. I had something from South Bend that was truly unique, beautiful and interesting to share with them so they could forget their mundane, prosaic existence for a few short minutes. Having done my good deed for the day I drove home, satisfied, with all the windows down. Truly, that steering wheel never felt better and the exhaust note never sounded any sweeter.

    Tim K.
    '64 R2 GT Hawk
    Tim K.
    \'64 R2 GT Hawk

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    Hooray for you!
    Spreading the gospel of Studebaker.

    Chris Pile
    Midway Chapter SDC
    The Studebaker Special
    The only difference between death and taxes is that death does not grow worse every time Congress convenes. - Will Rogers


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      Great story. Good on you for "hangin' in"![^]

      '57 Transtar Deluxe
      Vancouver Island

      Are you planning to attend the NW Overdrive Tour in Parksville, BC
      May 23-25, 2009?
      Mark Hayden
      '66 Commander
      Zone Coordinator
      Pacific Can-Am Zone


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        Tim, it takes cuts to get out in a situation like you have described but in the long run you are winner and can spread the Gospel of Studebaker. Praise the Studebakers and keep it up. You will be amptly rewarded in Studebaker heaven someday. Thanks for the story and the experience. Never Never be intimidated by these bemouth $$'d cars.
        sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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          The Forum needs a little thumbs-up icon! BP
          We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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            Good on ya Tim!

            I bet it wasn't just the older attendees at that cruise that walked away afterward thinking how that unusual old supercharged classic was the real star of the show. And that, of course, is because she was!



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              How about two thumbs up? And how was the coffee?

              Pat Dilling
              Olivehurst, CA
              Custom '53 Starlight aka Stu Cool
              Pat Dilling
              Olivehurst, CA
              Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

              LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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                Funny thing about the coffee, I brought mine from home and drank it on the way. I thought I would have a sweet roll but when I went to get one the cheapest in the case was $2.69. My frugality syndrome kicked in and I balked. I wasn't really that hungry.

                Tim K.
                '64 R2 GT Hawk
                Tim K.
                \'64 R2 GT Hawk


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                  You betcha!
                  Double thumbs up from me...
                  (I was shocked when you said Madison had 200,000 people living there)...
                  (Well, it is a college town, so only 120,000 people after Memorial Day[8D])
                  Good on ya'!

                  quote:Originally posted by BobPalma

                  The Forum needs a little thumbs-up icon! BP
                  HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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