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Studes in Auction Northeast Missouri

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  • Studes in Auction Northeast Missouri

    Studebakers in an auction in Northeast Missouri next Saturday. Sullivan Auctioneers in Hamilton IL has details on their web site.

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    Most of them look pretty rough.

    Chris Pile
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      I see at least TWO '58s in this bunch... [:0] [B)]

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        Though they are not C&Ks or 56J's or Packard Hawks, they nevertheless look way above average for barn cars. Prolly ran when parked--s'why he kept 'em. If I was just a little bit closer, I'd go to that sale....Lots of tools and mowers, too.


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          I'm close enough and there's an old Wheel Horse too but my wife would skin me alive. I better sit that one out.

          The same auctioneer is selling 200 cars near Macomb, IL that same day. No Studes listed though.

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            I believe the auction near Macomb is the following Saturday, July 19th.