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This Stude is back again...ebay history ???

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    quote:Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp

    quote:Originally posted by glen

    In the PC world, having everything in "CAPS", is like "yelling" or "screaming" at who the message may be
    directed to. Not good form and showing a lack of manners!
    ...but most likely EVERYBODY that uses a computer does not know this. Some may actually HAVE manners and just type in all caps because it's easier for them, or they feel it's easier for others to read. Not saying this guy is one of those, but real hard to tell from where I sit.
    Thanks, Dick. For some of us old farts past 70, it's not that we are discourteous, it's because of failing eyesight even with tri-focals that no longer do their job. It's easier to read what we're typing when the words are encased in fuzz.

    Louisa, VA
    '48 M16-52 Boyer fire truck