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    quote:Originally posted by arkiejazz

    [)]Apparently, Studebaker made a play toward buying Binder cabs before they finally settled on the Champ idea. One little known tidbit is that IH actually did a good deal of casting work for several other mfgrs. And the reason that the AMC 401 V8 and the Chrysler 727 automatic transmission were offered in later IH offerings was that IH did all the casting work for those Chrysler/AMC/Jeep items. Chrysler paid IH off in engines and transmissions.[)]
    I know some of the heavy-duty Intersmashables used AMC hardware such as door handles and dashboard switches on them. (Medium-duty S-series appeared to have their own hardware.) Later, in 1982/3, International was seriously considering getting back into the light truck market with the success Ford was having with their diesel engines.



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      Come to think of it,the gas cap rubber "blank" used on the Stude 4x4 trucks is an exact match for the one IH used, as is the elbow for the truck gas tanks. Also, the cab grab handles (while I am sure Stude didn't make 'em themselves) have a close resemblence.



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        For 23 years I have been having a "friendly" arguement with my next door neighbor. He insists that the engines that Studebaker used were IH's.

        It started when I got my 47 coupe and continues till this day. Nothing I can say, or show him in print will make hime believe otherwise.


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          IH was one of the companies that Nance & Co. went to, I believe the term is "hat in hand," looking for help (in the form of a merger) in the dark days of 1956. I don't know if there's much in the way of details out there, but supposedly Nance said that International would not have added much to S-P's strength, as they were no more of a presence in the big cities than S-P was.

          I did read something interesting on Time Magazine's website tonight; supposedly there was a merger proposed with Oliver Implement in 1959 ... what happened there? Anyone???

          Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

          KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL! Drive a Studebaker!
          Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

          KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL! Drive a Studebaker!


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            quote:Originally posted by S2DSteve

            At a show today a fellow explained to me he had a rare '53 International Harvester Studebaker truck "from that time when IH and Studebaker were connected". I told him (honestly) that I hadn't heard about that. Usually these things have some basis in fact, but I can't imagine where this one originated. Anyone have a clue?
            When I bought my '60 one-ton 4WD from the original dealer owner, it had an International bed on it. Of course that was because the owner, with Yankee frugality, ordered it as a cab and chassis, built his own tool box which was behind the cab, then put on a six-foot IH bed to mount his wrecker crane (actually, other than being rusty everywhere, it didn't look that bad).


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            Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
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