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    After replacing four solenoids, removing and installing the starter a number of times, my buddy thinks I may have a flat spot in the starter. I have to hit the starter to get it to engage. I would like to drive my 52 and I'm hoping to survive the summer before replacing the starter. I plan on keeping a hammer in the trunk. Any thoughts would be appreciated. By the way, I found a brake company just north of Toronto that replaced my linings for $15.00 each and had them done over night. Joe

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    Those starters are simple and easy to dismantle and reassemble. Maybe you have a glaze on the armature (that thing that spins) and the brushes aren't making good contact. Use a little #400 to clean it off and air pressure to blast the crud out of the housing. Don't go soaking any wiring parts in solvent. And any parts you do clean that way need to be regreased at the contact points. I always put a drop of hi-temp grease in the two end bushings.


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      Could be, but I'd look at brush length first.

      Dwain G.


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        Check the field coils also and make sure one is not loose.I was told or read once that if a starter had to be struck with something to make it work replace rather than rebuild.Really dont remember why(I did a LOT of damage since then)but I do believe it is sound advice.Of course I am hard-headed and would have to try a rebuild first,but I have also walked home a lot of times.Good Luck,Steve